Propositions of the competition “Rallye Vecerni Prahou”

Propositions of the competition “Rallye Večerní Prahou”


1. Purpose of the competition

The main purpose of the competition is to enhance the interest of motorists in motorsport, they will test their own driving skills, orienteering skills and knowledge of traffic regulations. Participation in the contest is not associated with consuming adjustments or excessive wear of the vehicle or any other high-cost for competitors.


2. Participants

The competition is open for male and female drivers of passenger vehicles who have a valid driving license for the vehicle driven by them. The passenger must be older than 15 years. To the competition will not be accepted owners of valid licenses for competition in the automotive orienteering competitions (AOS). Crew are two-member.


Contestants will be divided into four categories:

            A          man -  driver

            B          woman - driver

            C          historical vehicle

            D         vehicle with alternative drive (electric)


The total number of entrants is limited to 100. To be classified in categories A and B is a decisive man driver - woman driver, which can not be changed during the competition. Accident insurance does not cover driving skill test (DST) and special tests (ST).


3. The organizer and date

The competition is organized by Autoklub Bílá Labuť z.s. in cooperation with Promotým Prague s.r.o. and association Chrysler Club Czechoslovakia z.s. at  October 7th, 2017.


4. Applications

Registration of contestants is possible on the website to October 4th, 2017. When the limit is exceeded, the registration of the contestants will be ended. Payment of the participation fee of 350 CZK will be held on the registration place at October 7th 2017. In case that will not be filled capacity or in the case that registered contestant does not come is possible to register in the day of taking place contest at administrative checkpoint (registration place).


5. Vehicles

The competition is open only for personal vehicles that are subscribed to normal traffic and their equipment comply with the applicable regulations. Into the category of "historic vehicle" can be registered vehicles manufactured up to year 1987. The vehicle must be marked throughout the competition by the starting number (on the window of the rear doors on both sides). Starting numbers will participants receive during administrative check, their attachment to the vehicle organizer does not provide (we recommend to have sticky tape in the car). Note: The competitor is obliged immediately remove competition numbers from the car after the contest.


6. Official notice board

Official notice board will be located in the area of administrative checkpoint. There will be posted all printed materials related to the competition (propositions, starting times, implementing provisions and any changes in the organization of the competition).


7. Acceptance

Administrative checks will take place on October 7th, 2017 in the restaurant Pražan 9:00 to 11:00 am. During the accepting participants have to  submit their valid driving license and vehicle documents. Paying the fee CZK 350 partially covers the costs associated with organizing the competition, included among other refreshments during the competition. Immediately after passing scrutineering (if the crew Commissioner admites vehicle to the competition) the crew is obliged to come to the start of DST.


8. Track of the competition

The track leads through the capital city of Prague and its surroundings (Prague 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Prague-east, Prague-west). Daily part is about 70 km long. The evening part measures about 42 km. The track will not be separately identified, participants will go according to the itinerary, which they will receive two minutes before the start of the daily stage and then at the beginning of the evening stage. Limit potential exceeding the time for passing day and the evening session is 60 minutes (one for day and and one for night part of the competition) and in various stages of these parts can be drawn unevenly, but the time limit have to be kept (point 13).

We recommend:

Maxiplán Praha 1: 20 000 (Freytag & Berndt Praha), compass, tracing paper, scale pad, a cell phone with GPS distance measurement and so on.


9. Conditions of Competition

Each contestant is required

a) comply with traffic rules,

b) attend in the skilful riding (DST)

c) fill tests

d) pass special elements specified in the implementing provisions of the competition,

e) ride fixed route at a time that is specified in the itinerary.


10. Checkpoints on the track

The correctness of transit routes is controlled by time checkpoints (TC), transit (drive through) controls (TDTC), self-service transit checkpoints (SSTC) and secret controls (SC).

 a) time control (TC)

• are labeled by the signs placed 20-50 m before the station. Label is marked with a black sign hours on the yellow color panel. Time checkpoint is marked with the same panel with black hours on the red color panel. Part of the station is clock visible and legible from a distance of at least 20 m. The end of the field is at a distance of 20 m from the station or is marked by panel with the scraped clock symbol.

In the TC area getting out crew of the vehicle is banned without any instruction from the organizers, repairs, inspections of vehicle, fuel filling, turning and reversing are banned too. Time of arrival to TC is the moment when the crew passes its time card (the "JV") to arbiter. Before TC region - in the case of waiting for the right time - competitors must stop their vehicles so to allow other safe and smooth driving to TC. About the time of any delay on unprotected railway crossing is not extended travel time. Residence time on the track due to the organizer or apply for emergency competing in the next TC and adds it also driving time.

 b) transit control (TDTC, SSTC, competitive tasks)

• TDTC (valet - live) are marked by a stamp, which records driving through by the organizer to the time card.

• SSTC are marked by a stamp, which is next to the stamp control letter or number that the crew entered in the time card.

• TDTC can give the crew any other information (eg. turn around, etc.).

• The competition tasks that are mentioned in the itinerary the crew enters into the time card. Tasks are written in sequential order on the track. In time card do not scratch, do not overwrite, do not write by pencil. Failure to do so is evaluated as an moreover data.

 c) Secret checkpoints

• monitor compliance with traffic rules and are not marked.


11. Special tests

Driving skills (DST) consists in passing a predetermined track according to plan and the fulfillment of prescribed tasks. Passing track is measured by a stopwatch, which operates the driver himself. It starts with the stopped engine. During the DST can be only the driver's window opened. When stopping the vehicle must be the engine stopped vehicle door closed and vehicle secured against rolling.

Technical element fulfills competitor after DST finishing in the area due the organizer`s instructions. To fulfill this element will come after the completion DST.

Tests of traffic rules (TTR) and first aid test the crew will pass before the start of the competition, cultural and cognitive skills (CCS) during the competition. Time for each test is 3 minutes. Test of TTR and CCS consists of 5 questions, stating the 3 possible answers health questions 3 answers with 4 possibilities. Competitors marks the answer, that is due to them correct. Special exam contestant performs the instructions of organizers.


12. Start of the competition

Start of the competition will be executed on October 7th, 2017 at 13:00 of the day, and at 20:00 in the evening part at the place of acceptance at 60 second intervals, starting times will be posted on the official notice board on October 7th, 2017 at 12:00 pm. Contestants will arrive to start without prompting at least 10 minutes before their starting time. The starting is to command by starter with the stopped engine. At the start the motor must be actuated by a starting device by the driver to 1 min. The car, that was not started this way, the crew pushes in the direction of travel so as not to hinder others, and can be started in any other way. Before the start must be the sidelights switched on. The crew that arrives late to start within 30 minutes, is burdened with penalty points (PP) and gets a new start time. Delay of more than 30 minutes means disqualification.

8 minutes before the start the contestant receives medical test, 5 minutes before the starting time the test of traffic rules. Both these tests contestants must submit, when they get itinerary.

Test of cultural and cognitive knowledge fill competitors during the second part of the day part and hand it to the finish together with the time card, to be added to meet the times specified in the itinerary 3 minutes.


13. Scoring


failure to comply with a time limit for arriving to the TC (except in the finish, whereis early arrival accepted) delayed arrival for every whole minute



to 10 minutes

5 PP


11 to 30 minutes

10 PP


from 31 to 45 minutes

20 PP


from 45 to 60 minutes

30 PP


arrival after exclusion limit of 60 minutes



early arrival for each full minute

10 PP


false start

10 PP


TC exclusion



Late arrival to the start for every minute

10 PP


Missing a live transit checkpoint

100 PP


missing data in SPK

100 PP


moreover data in time card

60 PP


incorrect or missing answer to the competition task

30 PP


not passing place of SC

100 PP


violation of traffic rules

50 PP


speed limit violation for every 1 km per hour

10 PP


fault accident or a gross violation TTR



wrong answer to the question in the test

10 PP


the evaluation of the specific element will be provided in implementing provisions



scoring of driving skills (DST):



time achieved was measured on whole seconds and PP is proportional to the ratio of

1 sec. = 2 TB


every defeat, deflection or displacement bowling or barriers

 10 PP


wrong departure from the vehicle row

 15 PP


failure to task for accuracy ( passing, crossing, transferring the subject, missed gate in the slalom)

 15 PP


other prescribed tasks (e.g. leaving the vehicle)

 10 PP


opened window on the passenger side

 50 PP


for failure to comply with the correct order of the tasks of

 50 PP


omitting of the task

 50 PP


doors open while driving

 50 PP


DST incompletion or if you are unable to go to DST due to technical reasons, you will have counted points of the last crew point result of the DST + 50 PP for you.

Special tests counting will be specified in the implementing provisions.


14. General provisions

The crew will be excluded, which allowed to perform the tasks themselves by anybody other in the competition. The contest director has the right to debit 100-500 TB or exclude the crew, which grossly violated the sporting behavior (eg. recklessness, copying, transfer of critical information to other crews).


15. The classification

Evaluation of the competition is carried out only by a point system - the number of penalty points. The winner is the participant with the lowest number of penalty points (PP). In case of equality of points decided the outcome better driving skills, or better time achieved. Each category is scored separately.


16. Comments and protests

Comments can be submitted in written form at the finish, at least half an hour after the finish. The competition director is obliged to give a written answer to the announcement of the results. Comments to the incorrect sum of penalty points can be made up to 20 minutes after the announcement of the results. Comments should be submitted with no financial deposit.

Protests can only be filed in written form and accompanied by a fee of 400 CZK main arbiter or Competition Director - within half an hour after the publication of the results list, when it relates to protest the results - within half an hour after arrival at the destination, if it concerns the protest to another crew. Protests are discussed by the competition committee by the presence of the crew, which brought it. In the case of recognition of the protest the deposit will be refunded, otherwise forfeit to the organizer. Against driving skills test (DST) and secret controls PSP (including radar control) can not be filled a protest.


 17. Announcement of results

Announcement of results will take place on October 8th, 2017 at 11:00 am.


18. Prices

The main prize for the absolute winner of the itinerant cup. Prizes will be distributed at least to contestants who finished in the top three places in each category, while respecting the wishes of potential donors. The list price will be specified in the implementing provisions.


19. Guidelines for driving on track

• distance between two points are shown in an arrow indicative itinerary and only mutually,

• For trips of intersections rule: at intersections not included in the itinerary, continue along the main road or - if it is not marked - straight,

• during the whole distance must be observed bans,

• goes also by the sequence of the streets. To the completion of the route is therefore essential to have recommended issuance plan of Prague 1:20 000, in this plan find the streets mentioned in the itinerary and accurately track to complete in the order of streets as listed. Otherwise you run the risk skipping control - and this means considerable penalties!

• Arrow itinerary is always read from top to bottom or left to right. Distances mentioned in the itinerary are measured on a normal day km computer the same as that of most of the cars on which will attend competition

• track can go also according to plans where are indicated via points. These points you must ride in a prescribed order, passing off will be penalized by 20 PP. In plans are indicated by arrows "one-way" communication, or commanded direction. These arrows must be respected and consider bans given them the choice of transit

• If you get lost, we encourage you to try to "catch" to one of the other windows in the itinerary and in the worst case go directly to the nearest time control,

• On the track there may be additional transit controls (ie. False), do not be fooled by them and go exactly according to the itinerary (if you write them in the time card, you will "get" 60 PP).

We ask the crews, which for whatever reason withdrew from the competition during it to aanounce this fact  in the nearest time or "live" route check (or by any other crew or by the mobile phone:

Jan Cihelka 777 775 672 and Jaroslav Skutil 777 698 777.

Answer to any questions you will get by the director of the competition on October 7th, 2017 from 10:00 until 12:00 in the area of administrative checkpoint.


20. Official Time

Decisive is the clock on time checkpoints.


21. The final provisions

Each participant will take part in the competition at their own cost and undertakes to observe all regulations and replace any damage caused by it or other crew members or third parties or organizers.